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Hahn Air Ticketing Agreement

Hahn Air Ticketing Agreement: What is it and How Does it Work?

Hahn Air is a German airline that primarily operates chartered flights and provides distribution services to other airlines. The airline has established itself as a major distribution platform for travel agencies worldwide, with a unique ticketing agreement that has made it a popular choice among travel agents.

So, what exactly is the Hahn Air ticketing agreement? This agreement enables travel agents to issue tickets for airlines that are not part of the Global Distribution System (GDS). Most airlines are connected to the GDS, which allows travel agents to book flight tickets through the GDS system. However, some airlines may not have a direct connection with GDS, making it difficult for travel agents to book tickets for their flights. This is where Hahn Air comes in.

Hahn Air acts as an intermediary between these airlines and travel agents, providing access to more than 350 partner airlines that do not have their own connections to GDS. Through the Hahn Air ticketing agreement, travel agents can issue tickets for these airlines using Hahn Air`s GDS connections, making it easier for them to book flights for their clients.

To use the Hahn Air ticketing agreement, travel agents need to register on the Hahn Air website as an accredited agency. Once the registration process is complete, travel agents can start issuing tickets for Hahn Air`s partner airlines through their GDS system. The process is straightforward, and travel agents can access a wide range of flights from different airlines worldwide.

The Hahn Air ticketing agreement has several benefits for travel agents. Firstly, it provides access to a wide range of airlines that are not available through GDS. This means that travel agents can provide their clients with more flight options, making it easier to find the best fares and schedules. Secondly, the agreement offers a secondary revenue stream for travel agents, as they can earn a commission on the sale of tickets issued through Hahn Air.

In conclusion, the Hahn Air ticketing agreement is a valuable tool for travel agents, providing access to a vast range of airlines and offering a secondary revenue stream. If you`re a travel agent looking to expand your offerings and provide your clients with more options, the Hahn Air ticketing agreement is definitely worth considering.

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