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Elite Concepts is a full Catering Service and events company that will turn your ideas into plans and we add our professional touch to those plans we provide stylish solutions.
We make ordinary, dream like, we are passionate and dedicated for our commitments, we love to do what we do with heart and soul.


A Wedding reception, a vibrant pre-wedding cocktail party, a theme dinners, a fun brunch, a formal sit-down, a theme, a business lunch, a devotional event or a milestone celebration, our team cater to all kinds of occasion. We have an eye for even for small intricacies and details. We make sure the smooth, flawless, nuisance free food, ambience and service. Embracing the theme of your preference through every event specific element, uniforms | Table Setting | Accessorization. These are some of he details, we keenly look into to convert your ordinary into dream like, and to make your experience an unforgettable and cherished one.



We brings the authentic flavors of Punjab into your plate, straight from the aromatic lanes of small towns in Punjab, We offer the best that state has to offer.


Our chefs always does always does magic with their cooking. They have acquired the knowledge of ancient food traditions of the Maharajas, Sultans and Nawabs of India and are captured and tastefully preserved them for that Maharaja experience.


We offer you the rich aromas from the valley. We take pride in our ability to create royal taste out of simple ingredients, from the Royal Wazwan to routine dishes cooked with simple ingredients. Our chefs have mastered and maintained the knack of adding rich and distinct flavors to your food.


Our chefs are not only skilled in modern cooking techniques but also in old traditional cooking methods like slow cooking. We know the handling of delicate and royal awadhi flavours and its rich and royal dishes.


Indian food is most popular for it's street food. our chef knowns the perfect handling of the flavors, heat and tanginess of spices to gave you exact street food like experience and to satisfy your street food craving.


The approach of our company for Thai food also accounts for the classic Thai cooking meaning we guarantee you a flavorful fresh experience from our catered cuisines.


Our chefs believes in quality, ingredients are important to us because we believe that crafting the most delicious flavours starts with quality ingredients and thoughtful preparation, chopping our fresh produce to grilling our chicken and steak, preparing our rice, and tortilla chips preparation is done by hands, the way it's meant to be.


Our approach to Italian food is authentic and we do not compromise with flavors. We use only the best Ingredients and cook everything fresh. Count on us to serve fresh meats, organic salads, homemade pasta, fish and more. We will never let you down for your expectations on us.


We brings the local chinese flavours into your plate' yes, our chefs have a great experience of playing with chinese flavours. They know even the small intricacies of chinese cuisine, be it ingredients, flavours, or cooking techniques. They know how to satisfy your chinese food cravings.


Elite concepts catering approach for food is genuine and has finest dining. We have a desire to share our excitement about different cuisines, be it indian, continental or any international cuisine. The flavours and aromas that are to be found in them which will tickle your taste buds. We believes in best and would not settle for less.


The operations of the Elite concepts company are steered by ingenious professionals along with masterchefs and experience over decades. The food and decor are the two important constants that are bouncing boards for each other, the two broadly bifurcated teams works. With complete synergy to create a flowless ambience and an experience for clients to revel in life.

The brand curator, Rahul Lakra, with years of hands-on experienced in the industry, he has meticulously laid the foundation of the company. He is further braced by Vipin Gupta a man for whom the years of operational experience in décor and visual presentation has brought the ease of understanding the customized needs of the clients and deliverability. Chef Mahesh Sharma has mastered his craft in culinary dealing and always brings forth his personable nature to go extra mile. Rahul Chaurasia our general manager along with his team of managers and our culinary experts works hand in hand with the board of kitchen staff and food experts, MasterChef’s and a large production team.


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